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Support Boats

Support Boats

Support boat registration is mandatory-


Terms & Conditions

  • All Support and Coach boats attending the event must register with the Organising Authority.  CLICK HERE
  • All boats must have a VHF radio capable of working on all usual Australian channels, and maintain a listening watch on the channels specified by the Race Management Team.
  • Coach/Support boats must have a current boat insurance policy with a minimum value of $5,000,000 or more for public liability insurance.
  • All drivers are required to hold a powerboat operators licence compliant with their state of residence.
  • Occupants of RIBs are required to wear a PFD in compliance with SA laws whilst afloat.  
  • Please ensure your boat complies with current SA safety equipment regulations
  • By registering all coach & support boat operators agree to abide by instructions given by the race committee, regatta officials, the registration form, Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions in regards to coach and support . Coach & support boat operators are cautioned that within the Racing Rules of Sailing misconduct by a support vessel can result in the sailors they are supporting being penalised.

Support Boat Information

Vessel Berthing

BSYC is an off the beach sailing club. There are no permanent wet berthing facilities at the club. It may be possible to anchor vessels overnight in suitable weather conditions.

Vessels launched / retrieved at the club via tractor may be stored on the beach. No washdown facilities are likely to be available. 

The club has gained access to a berthing area in the outer area of the Holdfast Quays Marina's in Glenelg. This area is available at owners discretion and risk. It has lockable access. 

Launching Facilities

Vessel launching onsite at BSYC is via beach launching with club operated tractors. The beach is publicly accessible for the launch / retrieve activities with private vehicles.

Launching vessels is inherently faster and occurs over the course of the morning. Retrieving vessels, depending on the sea state, can be time consuming and typically there is a rush to be off the water at the completion of racing. Depending on the number of support / coach and spectator craft looking to operate from the beach, retrieving all boats may take in the vicinity of 60-90 minutes (sea conditions dependant).

Priority will be given to launching and retrieving official regatta vessels. Depending on conditions retrieving all official boats may take up to 30 minutes.

Second priority will be given to those coach / support boats that have more than 5 sailors registered / allocated to the vessel. Vessels registered as spectator or with 5 or less sailors shall be considered last. .

Prevailing summer sea breezes can result in large chop and a small - moderate, very unhelpful shore break. BSYC will take no liability for any damage that may occur during launching and retrieving vessels across the beach. It will be expected that on retrieving boat drivers / crew get wet to assist in getting boats onto trailers.

West Beach Boat Ramp and O’Sullivan’s Beach Boat Ramp are the nearest launching facilities to BSYC (approx. 5nm north and south of BSYC respectively). Daily parking rates apply. 



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