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Boat Registration

Boat Registration & Transfers

To register a new boat and get a sail number, or to transfer ownership of a boat complete the Measurement Certificate Application

  • Even if this application is for a Transfer of Ownership, you will need to upload a PDF of the Measurement Certificate (first 2 pages) and the Blue Measurement Form (all 4 pages) from your Optimist Registration and Measurement Book.  To save phone photos as a PDF, use the Adobe Scan app.

  • You will be emailed a Measurement Certificate which you can staple into your boat’s Measurement Book.

COST: The cost for a Measurement Certificate is $47.

Please note - If you think the boat will be used by more than one child in a family, please either just put your Family name in the Owner/Skipper field in the online form, or put all your children’s names. This will means you will not need a new certificate if the boat is transferred between siblings.

Note - Sail Numbers for new boats are assigned consecutively as per the Class Rules 

For any queries please email Sport Services

Don't have your measurement book?

  1. Is it in the registrar's files? If you are missing the measurement book for your boat please check the list of books held by the registrar. If your book is on this list, please email Sport Services
  2. Do you need to order a replacement book? If your book is not on the list in point 1, you can order a replacement from IODA.  Please email the IODA Secretary General - they will need a photo of the ISAF plaque on the boat, and the numbers embossed into the bow of the boat.
  3. Once you receive your replacememnt book the boat will need to be weighed. This is the only re-measuring required. Contact your State Optimist Class Association to find a measurer who can weigh your boat.
  4. If you need a certificate before you have the replacement book or before you can get the boat weighed, you can receive a Provisional Certificate - Sumbit your application for the Measurement Certificate then email Sport Services to explain why you need a Provisional Certificate.


Location of World Sailing (ISAF) Plaque

Sample World Sailing (ISAF) Plaque


Sail Measurement

To compete in State and Australian Championships you will need your sail measured. Contact your State Optimist Class Association to find a measurer.


Sail Number Style/Colour - Racing Rules of Sailing Appendix G

G1.2 Specifications

(a) National letters and sail numbers shall be in capital letters and Arabic numerals, clearly legible and of the same colour. Commercially available typefaces giving the same or better legibility than Helvetica are acceptable.


AS Equipment Regulation 4 - Boat Identification

In accordance with Australian Sailing Equipment Regulation 4 all boats are required to have clearly marked externally on their transom or on both outboard sides of the hull the following information:

a)      The name of the boat in letters/figures at least 50mm high and 8mm thickness;

b)      The registered sail number;

c)      Name of the owner’s AS affiliated Club. Note: while the name of the Club may be abbreviated it is recommended the name be in full where possible as another club may also use the same abbreviation.


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